Health Reimbursement and
Flexible Spending Accounts

We offer two separate accounts that help you pay for qualified medical expenses: the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), which is available if you enrolled in the Active Health Option, and the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Health Care.

PayFlex® administers the HRA and the FSA. It is important to understand this is a different system from the claims paying system at Aetna. For your convenience, the PayFlex system offers a debit card to help you pay for eligible expenses. The PayFlex system also offers a number of features including a website and mobile app to manage all accounts. See below for details on the Aetna PayFlex Card®, the HRA and the FSA. You can also find helpful information in the in the Need help using your HRA and FSA?” and “Using PayFlex just got easier!” newsletters.

Connect to your plan details

Use these links to learn about your benefits, including your health incentives, retirement savings options, and tools and resources for using the plans. Find network doctors, manage your 401(k), track your health incentives, and learn how a health reimbursement account (HRA) works with the health plan.

Note: A user name/ID and password is required to access your YBR account from the internet. Full access to the Aetna member website and Express Scripts is available once you are enrolled and you have set up a user name/ID and password. Learn more about using the Aetna member website in this tip sheet.

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